Saturday, April 10, 2010

Camera Obscura

You make a pin-hole camera
from an old cardboard box
with film stuck inside at one end
and a hole pricked in the other

You uncover the hole and
light streams in exposing
the film and then magic
and science work it out
and a picture is made

Exposure of the film to light
can be minutes
not seconds or even
fractions of seconds
more than time enough

The still is captured sharply
but the moving
blurs and becomes

After your camera is made
someone says
hey, let's make a picture of us

And so you do and the picture
shows skin on skin, yes
but neither bulging veins
nor butterfly labia
are revealed and clearly
no penetration is revealed

On the periphery but not out of sight
captured in their quotidian glory are
a broom and a dustpan full
it is true

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