Tuesday, August 31, 2010

T. Renner Reading at Pop's Blue Moon on Thursday, September 2

T. Renner reading at Duff's. Photo: Brett Underwood

This Thursday, September 2 at Pop's Blue Moon, 5249 Pattison (just north of I-44 on the Hill) I'll be reading at "Bob's Scratchy Showcase" along with Brett Underwood and Matt Freeman, with special guest Barely-Free Partial Prisoners (i.e. Jacob Cohen's hip-hop poetry). Cover is $5; doors open at 8:00 p.m.

Times Square, 1973

A smell barely remembered reminds her
of the day when the two of them met
and went to a Times Square hotel. She
should have known better than to skip
lunch and pick him up. He sometimes
complained when she did. But the fashion
has changed, she said. In the room,
she imagined rather than felt
the breeze from an open window
that he gazed out, humming quietly.

She asked him to come nearer and like
a long fall slowed she reached out
and touched him and it stood up and
went hard into the pink and together
they moved rhythmically. They could not
stay with it long but he could move
as she moved and then he shivered slightly
and with delight shuddered. They turned
aside and she stared at the lights beyond
as if awakened on the other side.

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