Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer, Washington University in Saint Louis

I will be reading this Friday, August 26, as part the second installment of the Readings at La Mancha series. La Mancha is located at 2815 North 14th Street, right behind Crown Candy Kitchen in Old North St. Louis. The reading begins at at 7 p.m. Along with me will be St. Louis poet Treasure Shields Redmond. This will also be your last chance to see the work of local photographer, Sylvester Jacob.

Summer, Washington University in Saint Louis

(for Rhett Miller)

five smokers outside in a circle
four boys and a lone gal
in black and white stripes

the first guy shuffles his feet and paws
at the ground with his right foot
like a horse, a stallion, a randy

the girl swings her arms in front of her
back and forth until she suddenly

hugs herself tightly and then
explosively un-hugs herself and then

she begins to swing her arms again
the next guy in the circle
begins to shuffle and paw

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