Sunday, June 19, 2011


The Saint Louis Evening Standard 5 Star Summer Special
Hello Saint Louisians everywhere. Today the Evening Standard of greater St. Louis
Declares that this newsletter is the prince and pauper of the publication world.
Larger publications such as The Post Dispatch, The Globe Democrat, The Argus,
The Saint Louis American, The City Journal of Saint Louis all live on creating job
Opportunities and raising publication dollars by providing advertisements for
Customers in print. The Evening Standard is a document that only exist to create
An interesting muse for our fan base.
Grammatical Mistakes are common place and our conversations are many.
Job Opportunities and providing Advertisements is not, I repeat is not, the purpose
Of this publication at this stage of the Evening Standard.
We really only concern ourselves with amazing bylines and keeping a story out there.
That being said, Our major headlines in this issue declare a circulation war with all
News outlets in the country. The Evening Standard will achieve Supremacy nationwide.
Horace Greeley the patron saint of the evening standard calls out to old and new readers
Of the Evening Standard. Grab your copy because it is better than any New York Paper
Ever was. To Quote T.E. Lawrence, the will of the evening standard is written in the
This statement is derived from the seven pillars of wisdom.
Now the covenant of sports! Anyone who reads the Evening Standard knows that this
Publication only covers Washington Baseball. It probably is our most interesting of
Features because we are a Saint Louis paper and only cover the toy soldiers of D.C.
From a Historical Perspective Washington Baseball is 8 and one half games out of first
Place. Philadelphia and Atlanta lose out to west point on the final week of the season.
How about that folks ! It's raining! Root Beer Floats.
Boston verses Washington in the Fall Classic. October 18,2011. Don't forget your
Peanuts and beer.
Weather for Mid Summer in Saint Louis is Hot, Hot, Hot, and humidity out of this world.
Winds bring jet stream from west to east this cooler air is in contrast with winds from the
south, sending the Canadian Geese further north to say the likes of Northern Prairies of
South Dakota. Menu Suggestions for summer anything cold and yummy.
For more information concerning this publication send a post card to P.O. box 190162
Mackenzie Point Post Office Affton MO. 63119. William T. Rogers Editor in Chief.

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