Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kiss (Tony)

Elizabeth Peyton, "Kiss (Tony)," 2000, lithograph.

"Impecunious" means you're one broke-ass nigga
Pissed-off that you can't afford to drink away the
Shitty feeling following an equally shitty
One-night stand with some dude who had you
Convinced that he could cop some excellent weed
That he said this trippy scene sorely needed
Looking back now so many details seem portentous
And you're going to have to emend the story if
You don't want it to end with you caterwauling
The veracity of your being one broke-ass nigga

* * * * * *

[Note: Written as a continuation of an exercise introduced at a workshop called "High Art/Low Language: Experiments in Poetic Style," conducted by Eileen G'Sell at the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum, where Elizabeth Peyton's exhibition "Ghost" is currently on display through April 18.

Participants in the workshop viewed the exhibit and picked two images to write poems about, choosing from five "high culture" and five "low culture" words that they had drawn from a hat. For this exercise, I used all of the words in the order I wrote them in my notebook.

My poem from the workshop is here.

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