Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Jackie and John (Jackie fixing John’s hair)" After Elizabeth Peyton by Claire Medol Hyman

Elizabeth Peyton, Jackie and John (Jackie fixing John’s hair), 1999

Encased enframed by waning waves of blue blocks
Forlorn, tears not worn embodied the white princess trite
Patting not a jock's cap on dweeby boy, wet behind the ears.

A pair, Her Fairness rains down splat at that whatchamaallit's hair
Eton style hiding youth's Rock a hard guile, organ loss, his
          Mojo is a toss.
At heel a watch dog's pace in white space, a triangular
          gumshoe tails
a Dicks' opposing pace.

Not a fleshly rhythmed walk, bi-unisoned march. Ready up? Hup,Hup.
Letting gas, no faults imbued, bespoke at mass. B'rup, b'rup.
Native American White Soxed princeling S.O.B. steps in tune to
          pie-hole dishonesty
Clothed up tight they walk our rights under camera bites.
To be or Naught to be wussed out on vicissitudes as mother
          Jack's off, ew! surreptitious frights.

-- Claire Medol Hyman

Note: Written as an exercise at a workshop called "High Art/Low Language: Experiments in Poetic Style," conducted by Eileen G'Sell at the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum, where Elizabeth Peyton's exhibition "Ghost" is currently on display through April 18.

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