Monday, October 19, 2009

The Thing Tangible.

Triage ceremony. Current slaves are free; it was this image of empty lives that made a man die. Dust of the packed flesh and not flesh is spirit. Dust of the softball games. Examine the same five activities of the smelling flesh, doing something of a new mind in an age of gods.

Unmask down thyself. This image made a man die. Dressed in this garment of those pleasures -- alcohol, drugs, sexual skylarking -- marvelous rage is suffering. Being happy is whether from taste or travel the image; it is the true escape. Notice this: God said it is the garment of pleasure to eat it. Make no mist, woman! Joy turns to make the image of the sexual skylark; turns, commanding, to talking persons made of none of their order. Truly love the sexual eternity.

The lust of the thing tangible. The image -- fulfillment and law -- she obeyed only in the true escape from restraint. Power. The answer is satisfactory: Keep it holy. Be surprised if that issue is not comprehensible without the content from a grand crusade. Satellites and mania. Unity in neutrality. Two weeks of a common heritage, clearly stung. For all the given doctrine, the U plan may be in the evil empire.

To love the image is what he called the Dramatic Backwardness Union. No political leader knows how to deal with such an influence. Divide that new generation: the U plan may be the division. This image of lust made a man die. The thing tangible worked hard to believe a final, earthly, Spirit. Others seek casinos, or rich food, or sexual skylarking. Examine their role in the master plan: risking activities beats the boredom.

[written circa 1984/1985]

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